Sunday 21 April, 2019
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world largest aeroplane
Stratolaunch: ‘World’s Largest Plane’ Lifts Off For The First Time

The world’s largest aeroplane by wingspan has taken flight for the first time. Built by Stratolaunch, the company set up by the late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen in 2011, the aircraft...

Phoenix fire truck crash
Three Civilians Killed In Crash With Phoenix Firetruck

Three civilians were killed Sunday when a Phoenix firetruck crashed into a passenger vehicle, according to local authorities. Phoenix police...

Texas: Pastors Are No Longer Allowed To Participate In Execution

The ban was triggered by a detainee who wanted a Buddhist monk at his side during the execution. In response to a decision of the Supreme Court...

Natalija Filjowa Plane Crash
Russian Airline Owner Natalija Filjowa Dies In Crash In Hesse

The crash of the aircraft of the manufacturer Epic killed three people – among them the prominent Russian businesswoman Natalija Filjowa. In...

Australia PM
Australia Election Announced: 10 Things To Know About The Poll

Australians will vote in a general election on 18 May, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced. The...

Israel Elections
Netanyahu’s Fifth Term In Israel – Despite Imminent Charges

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel is ahead after a head-to-head race with challenger...

Yvette Cooper
Brexit: MPs Back Delay Bill By One Vote

MPs have voted by a majority of one to force the prime minister to ask for an extension to the...