Saturday 23 March, 2019
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US forces kill five Afghan soldiers
US Forces Kill Five Afghan Soldiers In ‘Self-Defense’ Airstrikes

US forces launched two “self-defense” airstrikes near an Afghan National Army check point in the Uruzgan province on Wednesday, according to a coalition spokesman. US and coalition...

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton does not run for US Presidency in 2020

“I will not compete, but I will continue to work, speak and stand up for what I believe in,” the ex-Foreign Minister said. Hillary...

War Over Kashmir
Pakistan Sends Tentative Relaxation Signal To India

The dispute between the two nuclear powers India and Pakistan around the region has once again come to fruition. Calls from abroad came for...

Mr Kim
North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un Arrives In Vietnam After 4,000km Journey

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has arrived in Vietnam for a summit with US President Donald Trump later this week. The second US-North Korea...

Prime Minister Theresa May
Brexit: Theresa May To Formally Ask For Delay

Prime Minister Theresa May is writing to the EU to formally ask for Brexit to be postponed. EU...

Station Atomic Bomb in Crimea
Russia Wants To Station Atomic Bomb In Crimea

In response to the deployment of US missile defense systems in Romania, Russia intends to station...

David Cameron On Brexit
David Cameron: Brexit Without Agreement Would Be “Disaster”

Under Cameron as prime minister, the majority of the British voted in favor of leaving the EU...

Giant Sunfish Washed Up In Australia

Australian fishermen discover the 1.8-meter long animal. The species can weigh up to 2.5 tons. Sunfish was a rare find: at the mouth...

Saving money with workplace safety
workplace safety

Injuries within the workplace can have a knock-on effect across a wide range of areas. This includes the finances of the business,...